Welcome to Calemus, your partner for proofreading, editing, translations, copywriting, and more.

Our customers are bestselling authors, distinguished researchers, and established businesses – and there's a reason for that. We invite you to become part of this successful network, whether you've written a book, are working on an important research project, or aim to create a top-notch website. At Calemus, we stand for written content that captivates. We are committed to the highest standards and strive to ensure your success with your projects.

Guidebooks, non-fiction books, novels and children's books of the excellent Calemus quality have already passed through more than half a million pairs of hands and have had a profound impact on people. At Calemus, we are more than an agency – we work from a place of passion, we are in close contact with you, we empathize with your work and your vision, we take your project to heart, treat it as our own and are committed to helping you succeed. That's a mindset, you won't find at most other proofreading and translation agencies – and you don't pay extra for it with us.

Our team has particular expertise in the field of Islamic books. We have worked on successful non-fiction books, specialized books, children's books, theological works and works by classical scholars worldwide in this segment and can also help you get your message heard. Many Islamic books for which we were responsible can also be found in our references.

All texts can be sent to us by mail or conveniently online – and can be returned to you in the same way.

Proofreading & Editing

Whether you are an experienced author or taking your first steps in the field of literature, at Calemus we edit and optimize your work and take it to the next level. Together with you, we want to create a linguistically perfect and stylistically brilliant text that captivates and inspires its target audience. To achieve this, we correct language errors, create suitable style and expression, work on comprehensibility and pay attention to the central theme of your text.

In addition, we offer in-depth academic proofreading at the highest level in Germany. We work meticulously and with full commitment to perfect your work, check citations and formatting, provide you with further assistance and resources and give you detailed feedback on request so that you benefit from our service for the rest of your life. We are the place to go if you want to write a brilliant bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, dissertation or term paper. We not only support experienced researchers and experts, but also students on a budget.

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For language pairs such as English ↔ German and Arabic ↔ German, our translation agency offers you a first-class service. For certified translations of documents such as birth certificates, we place the utmost importance on accuracy, while when translating literature, we aim for the perfect balance between precision, style and respect for your original vision – because we know how important it is to meet the specific requirements of the target audience, and preserve the particular style of an author as well as the cultural depth of a text.

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Content Creation

In the age of ChatGPT and DeepL, websites full of obviously AI-generated content are piling up for the attentive eye. And although AI can be a useful tool, generated texts often seem lower quality, more flat and rather distant. At Calemus, we understand that authenticity and audience targeting are essential in copywriting, and that even small details and touches can have a big impact on your audience connection and online visiblity. That's why we offer a comprehensive copywriting service and help you create ideal texts – whether product descriptions for e-commerce, advertising and marketing texts or content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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